Products & Facilities

Raw Material

CRGO steel is imported in the form of mother coils from reputed steel producers in USA, Japan, Korea, Germany, China, Russia etc. Each coil conforms to the specifications of Bureau of Indian Standards of quality (IS 3024). Each lot of raw material is accompanied with Mill Test Certificate (MTC) and other relevant chain of documents that can be produced at customer's request. At JAYBEE, all grades of CRGO steel in conventional, Hi-B and domain refined quality are available.


Process & Facilities


Maximum coil width: 1250 mm Tungsten carbide cutters to minimise burrs


CNC cutting:

Mitred and non-mitred cutting • Width range: 30-840 mm • Tungsten carbide cutters to minimise burrs

Horizontal & Vertical Step Lap

Horizontal & Vertical Step Lap

Core Assembly

Core Assembly

Winding and annealing

CT/PT cores


Weatherproof and secure packing for transit


S.I.R. Tester


Epstein Bridge Tester

Testing of raw material

For every lot of CRGO coils received, samples are checked for electrical and physical properties of the material. These samples are tested in accordance with IS 649 for core loss, insulation resistance, stacking factor and bends.

Testing of finished goods:

'Before dispatch, various parameters such as length, width, burr level, stack height, thickness, surface insulation and edge camber are checked. No load losses are tested for assembled cores’

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