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CRGO Stamping:

CRGO Stamping Process
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Sample Testing of the Raw Material: For every consignment received, a sample is drawn from the coil at random and various tests are conducted to measure electrical and physical parameters like losses, insulation resistance, bends etc. and matched with the test certificate provided by the supplier.

Slitting: CRGO steel is received in the form of coils and can be slit in minimum width of 5 mm and multiples of 5 mm. The cutters are frequently grinded to control burr levels and edge camber.

Shearing, V notch & Punching: The process of cutting, notching and hole punching is carried out with the help of shearing machines and power press using sharp carbide tools. Sample checking is conducted at every stage of production.

Stress Relieving Annealing: During the course of the complete process, stresses developed in the stacked laminations tend to increase the losses and magnetizing current of the core. This is relieved by subjecting the laminations in Roller Hearth Stress Relieving Annealing Furnace.

Testing: Random tests are conducted on samples of the finished product for measurement of losses, insulation resistance, bend test, burr level etc

CRGO Core Assembly

CRGO laminations are stacked to form the core assembly as per the design provided by the customer. The core assembly is held rigidly by steel frame clamped together to prevent vibrations. The top and bottom yoke clamping channels are tightened together with tie rods which are duly insulated. The core assembly is provided with lifting lugs suitable for lifting the complete core and coil assembly of the transformer without transmitting stresses to the laminations.

Torroidal & Rectangular Core

The slit coils are wound on the winding machine as per the size (OD, ID, HT) given by the customer.

Spot Welding: The starting and finishing ends of the core are spot welded with the help of spot welded machine.

Packing:- CRGO Laminations are packed on wooden pallets with high density paper and covered by water proof hessian cloth duly strapped in order to avoid damage to the core edge. The packaged steel can be used immediately after unwrapping with no further cleaning required.

Torroidal & Rectangular Core Process
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