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Jaybee Laminations Pvt. Ltd. located in NOIDA (U.P), was established in 1989 and currently, is one of the leading manufacturers of CRGO Silicon Steel stamping for various range and size of transformers and CRGO Torroidal & Rectangular Cores for Current Transformers and other like products.
We established our core competency in the design, development and manufacturing of various products in CRGO Steel conforming to the Global standards of quality. We have state of the art production processes at our unit in Noida with all in-house facilities for slitting, shearing, punching, notching, de-burring, annealing and testing.

We have built a culture of consistent commitment towards perfection and innovation based upon exceptional employee talent, strategic alliances and focused investments. We believe in delivering exceptional quality products to our customers. Our essence of business is quality with timely delivery at competitive prices. We strive hard to keep pace with new technological developments around the world.

  • To create an exclusive alchemy of outstanding products, operational excellence and compelling market.
  • By our innovative experience, to share the joy of delighting our valued customers and to relish the thrill of participation in India’s infrastructure boom.
  • To continuously explore our core technology and develop innovative solutions that dramatically change the marketplace.
  • We are committed toward sustainable development and total customer satisfaction in timely delivery, Quality and cost of manufacture,   Obtained through technical enhancement in process and Quality management system by providing training to our employee.
  • Customer’s orientation.
  • Personal integrity & commitment.
  • Striving for Excellence.
  • Quality of Service.
  • Creativity.
  • Team Work and mutual support.
  • To provide efficient leadership to the team by encouraging them to unfold their creativity.
  • To train our people at all levels to keep up pace with the changing market trends and technology for the continuous growth of the company.
  • Improvements and innovations by following quality system and in turn ensuring confidence both to the management and customers.
  • To generate cost effective method to keep the customer assured of getting consistent competitive product regularly.
  • To ensure excellent information and after sales support to the customer through quality system.
  • To increase productivity by providing healthy working environment to the workers and continually motivating them.
  • To ensure that each one in the organization is striving towards well maintained standards of safety and environment.
  • Reduction to bare minimum of non-conformance in the process and product.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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